Our mission has always been to offer the highest quality products at competitive prices, choosing the best raw materials and paying careful attention to details.

Sistema Tessile isn’t just a business, it is a creative adventure made up of people and driven by intuitions, projects and achievements.

Each day, skilled professionals who have the Client’s needs at heart work with passion, professionalism and competences to reach these goals.

The sum of our experience, success and know-how allow us to compete in a particularly demanding market, gaining an ever-increasing Italian and international customer base.


Sistema Tessile s.r.l. was founded in 1995 in the province of Bergamo where two generations merge with experience and dynamism. Riva family has a deep knowledge of yarn quality, fabric construction and package.

The company has made its expertise clear from the start: its artisanal calling, the quest for quality and attention to its image, led the company to quickly establish itself in the men and women’s lingerie sector.

In 2010 it acquired historical brand Fraly, immediately infusing its fifty-year-old tradition with new enthusiasm and increasing its prestige, quality and modernity.

In order to best face future challenges, Sistema Tessile remains faithful to its artisanal origins and traditions, constantly renewing itself to successfully satisfy the needs of a continuously changing market that is ever more mindful, aware and demanding.

Our style

Sistema Tessile garments are the result of its internal creative team’s efforts, which are supported by esteemed stylists. The Company carefully follows the evolving fashion and market, designing its own exclusive creations.

Two collections a year that interpret the seasonal trends with style are paired with an elegant continuous product line, where attention to finishes and special details enhance each item.

For women, lingerie that can be worn as outerwear made with fine materials and conceived to enhance each woman’s unique beauty.

For men, basic and fashionable undergarments offering comfort and wearability for every need.

Our Process

Sistema Tessile s.r.l. directly manages the whole production process, guaranteeing quality, safety and professionalism in each production phase.

Planning and development: these are our strengths that allow us to rapidly satisfy the needs of a dynamic and innovative market.

Each exclusive style begins with the purchase of the best fabrics and raw materials all the way to the production of the finished items.


Sistema Tessile relies on Italian craftsmanship, as well as on regional specializations to guarantee top-level manufacturing.

Its fabric is manufactured in Friuli-Venezia Giulia by our reliable partners that offer competence, experience and quality.

Wool finishing is done in Piedmont, to take advantage of that region’s particular water purity and the historical territory experience, whereas the cotton is produced by a company from Bergamo, specialized in this type of manufacturing. These artisanal processes guarantee fabric and colour stability during washes.

The fabric is subjected to a strict quality control before being used for production.


Fabric swatches are cut in our factory, where highly skilled workers use modern machinery to guarantee precision and quality, the flagship of our production.


The special skills and craftsmanship of our tailors allow the best use of our sewing machines, ensuring a delicate, accurate and high precision finish.

Quality control

After being sewn, each item is subjected to the first quality control on measurements, seams and fabric conformity. If items are conform to quality, they are ironed and packaged into boxes. Once ready, items undergo a second quality control that guarantees unequivocal excellence.

A young, dynamic and highly skilled staff, stringent checks, extremely high quality standards and maximum care for environmental sustainability, make our company a cornerstone of the local industrial reality, guaranteeing flawless, top-quality results.

Code of ethics

Sistema Tessile aims to create a responsible and sustainable fashion. This is why we use only natural fibres selected with extreme care and attention.

We select only partners and suppliers having environmental and ethical certifications that reflect our philosophy, while simultaneously taking advantage of Italian local artisanal specializations.

We are committed to creating a work environment capable of appreciating and protecting each worker, promoting personal talents and inclinations.

The reliability and solidity of our company are an essential element of our existence, as evidenced by the prestigious Certificate of reliability issued by CRIBIS.

Sistema Tessile’s production process is also certified by the Textile and Health Association, sponsored by the Ministry of Health, guaranteeing the safety of our products. An extra guarantee to best satisfy our customers’ needs.


Ensuring our customers’ wellbeing is our primary objective, which is why our exclusive garments are made with the best fabrics and top quality raw materials.

 A successful combination of nature, technology and sartorial skills characterizes each item,

The most used raw materials for our collections are the following:

It is a perfectly balanced mix that ensures the best garment brilliance, strength and softness. It is a remarkably thin, soft and comfortable 100% natural fabric. It is excellent for even the most sensitive and intolerant skins, as it is antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Its particular natural elasticity offers absolute comfort, ensuring total freedom of movement and a “second skin” effect.

It has thermal regulating properties that can protect the body from thermal shocks, making it perfect for all seasons.

Silk is a light, soft, elegant, thin material. It is considered the most noble and precious fibre. Our items made of silk are brilliant and refined.

Extraordinarily insulating, silk helps you to stay cooler when the weather is warm and to stay warm when the weather is cold.

A new refined mix of three fibres: Merino wool, silk and cotton. This innovative fabric is a homogeneous mixing of three fibres giving velvety softness.

Filoscozia® is exclusively produced with the finest, highest-quality cotton that mainly comes from Egypt. The fibre is twisted, gazed, mercerized and thread-dyed. The quality of the raw materials allows to get a more colourful fabric, with more intense and brilliant hues. Garments produced with Filoscozia® cotton are natural, resistant, bright, unshrinkable and low-pilling. Wash after wash, they retain their comfort and elegance.

It is a fine long staple cotton which promotes natural perspiration.

It is natural fibre taken from Beachwood cellulose together with a percentage of Spandex.

Such fibre, light, very soft and compact, does not change even after many washes, as its smooth surface and low-pilling avoid a limestone deposit even with hard water.

Thanks to its high capacity to absorb moisture, all items made of Micromodal® ensure an invaluable freshness leaving your skin perfectly dry.

We have realized an elastic Satin fabric made of this brilliant, smooth, natural fibre allowing to create delicate and refined lingerie.